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While we still feel Geo-Calc is a useful app (and 3-2-1), both desperately need rebuilding, updating and improving for the latest OS's.

We're leaving the original site and app download links active for the time being - but your milage running them may vary.
Hopefully one day we will have the time & resources to continue development under the BaldGeeks banner.

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Dashboard timer widget for OS X

What is 3-2-1?
3-2-1 is a countdown timer for Dashboard (OS X). It displays hours, minutes, and seconds, includes a lap function and is resizable. You can label each countdown (useful if you run more than one at a time), enter your own messages (to appear when a countdown has finished) and choose any sound to play.
New in version 2
    fully resizable
    (smallest size shown)
  • Resizable by dragging - from the smallest size (see pic) up to the full width of your display.
  • custom
  • Use your own custom 'Time's Up!' messages.
  • edit time
    directly on
  • Quickly edit the time directly on the front using just the keyboard (or using the mouse & scroll-wheel). more
  • Pressing the Spacebar when on the front (and 3-2-1 has focus) starts/stops the countdown.
  • Use the Tab key to jump between the preference fields on the back, and press Enter or Return to apply any changes and return to the front.
  • New tooltip button labels at small widget sizes.
  • Italian, Russian, Polish and Czech localisations.
  • Several tweaks and code improvements.
  • See how to use the new edit features.

Download 3-2-1, open the zip and double-click the 3-2-1 widget icon. Dashboard will ask you if you want to install it (you can also try it out at this point before clicking 'Accept').
How to use 3-2-1

The row of three square buttons operate the Start, Stop, Lap On & Off, and Reset. As you mouse-over each button their name is displayed.

The first press of the green button starts the countdown, it then turns red. Pressing it again causes the countdown to be stopped (paused). A further press and it will resume counting.

Once a countdown has begun the Lap (orange) and Reset (yellow) buttons become active. The first press of the Lap button displays the current lap time. Pressing it a second time hides lap time and returns to the countdown.

Clicking Reset cancels the countdown and returns you to the start time.

Front edit mode
Click on the hours, minutes or seconds to enter edit mode and click again to exit.
Change the value by using your mouse scroll-wheel (or trackpad if you have scrolling activated).
Or press the Tab key to activate editing Hours, Tab key again to switch to Minutes, again for Seconds, and again to deactivate editing.

Also when edit mode is activated you can either type the number directly or use the + and - keys to increment/decrement. (3-2-1 expects two numbers to be input when typing them in, so for 2 minutes you would enter 02).

The i button flips the widget to show the preferences on the back. Here you can enter the Hours, Minutes and Seconds you wish to countdown from - by either using the popup lists or typing directly into the input fields.

Tab between the preference fields (For complete keyboard navigation - open popups and move with the arrow up/down keys. The Enter key selects an entry and closes the popup).

The Notifications preferences enable you to bring Dashboard to the front and the countdown has finished. Also you can enable an alarm sound, with or without repeat, to play when the countdown has finished.

The alarm sounds popup lists all the sounds in the Library/Sounds folders. If new sounds are added to these folders, 3-2-1 needs to be reloaded in order for them to show up in the list (Cmd-R).

Each running countdown has its own label (up to a maximum 46 characters) - to help with identification if you have more than one countdown running.

The Notification settings and Alert message and Label text may be changed while a countdown is in progress, i.e. they take effect immediately on the current countdown.

Clicking on the Done button returns you to the front of the widget
(or press Enter or Return to apply any changes and return to the front).
The Help (?) button brings you directly to this page.

Click and drag the resize handle on the front bottom right of 3-2-1 to resize it.

3-2-1 automatically checks for new versions at startup (only the version number, and no personal information is being sent). If a new version is available an 'Update available' badge will appear on the front of the widget. You can either dismiss this badge or click on it to download the latest version. You can also switch this option off at the bottom of the preferences on the back of the widget.

Multiple instances of 3-2-1
To run another instance of 3-2-1, use the '+' button on the bottom left of your dashboard screen to open the dashboard dock, and click on the 3-2-1 widget icon and it will open another widget instance.

What is 3-2-1?
New in version 2
How to use 3-2-1
System Requirements
Version History
Download 3-2-1
                Version 2.2
                337 KB

Download the 3-2-1 widget.

Here's a patched version of 3-2-1 for OS X Lion.
Your milage may vary with newer versions of OS X.

Version History
Added the option to disable 'check for updates'. Hungarian and Finnish localisations.
Fixed a bug in front edit mode in rare circumstances.
Minor tweaks for Leopard compatibility.
Resizable by dragging.
Front edit mode.
Custom 'Time's Up' text.
Control via keyboard.
Italian, Russian, Polish and Czech localisations.
Portuguese and Dutch localisations.
Fixed a problem with large numbers of sounds.
Norwegian localisation.
Code optimisation.
French localisation.
Better playback of repeating system alarm sounds.
Swedish localisation.
Minor text corrections.
PPC & Intel Mac compatibility.
Added Label option.
Spanish localisation.
Added the capability to change settings during a countdown.
Fixed a problem when the sounds folders contained non-sound items.
Added the ability to choose your own alarm sounds.
Preferences are now saved correctly for multiple instances of the widget.
Automatic version checking.
Initial public release.
full history
3-2-1 contains the following localisations:
(Alex Götz)
(Esther Chiclana)
(Jac Lundqvist)
(Carole Lambert)
(Thomas Aarholt)
(Francisco Silva)
(Jacopo Lupi)
(Sasha Semyonychev)
(Rafał Łukawiecki)
(Jan Nykryn)
(Tamás Marton)
(Marja Ollikainen)
If you are interested in helping us with additional languages, please email
System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

3-2-1 runs natively on PPC & Intel Macs.

3-2-1 is provided AS IS, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of 3-2-1 is borne by you. Should 3-2-1 prove defective, you and not baldgeeks.com assume the entire cost of any service and repair. baldgeeks.com is not responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character including, but not limited to, damages for loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all other commercial damages or losses.

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